RenderThis Film Festival
BrockTV, Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario
For a third year in a row, BrockTV presents the RenderThis Film Festival.

It is a celebration of all things film in the Niagara Region, especially student work from Brock University and Niagara College.

I got the chance to do a whole bunch of stuff for this, and it was really fun, from conceptualizing the logos to publishing the marketing materials. I worked on the project in two fold, to create material for film makers and, later, to advertise to film watchers.

Although the development and marketing process is not over yet, I wanted to show off some of the stuff we've created so far.
Logo Development Process
The logo process was all about trying to encapsulate the title: RenderThis. The main element being the process of development. This was important because as film makers and media developers at BrockTV, we all believed that the construction of whatever piece is more important than the work itself. It is during the construction and the development that learning takes place, making you a better artist, designer and film maker. This development is represented by the "processing" image found on many software.
Base Poster Images
A quick series of photos started the work for the project. One of our producers, Alex Vutskos, volunteered to be the brave face of the poster.
RenderThis Student Film Festival Poster
The development of the first poster was fun. We bounced a lot of ideas off each other, but in keeping with Brock University's new "Both Sides of the Brain" branding campaign, we knew we wanted to do a similar representation. In addition we also wanted to show the two sides of media creation: the grueling work and the celebration.
RenderThis Minimal Poster
In addition, our executive producer wanted us to include a completely simple poster with just the title. This was by far the easiest part of the production.

The second part of advertising RenderThis was the posters aimed mainly at garnering an audience for the Festival. The theme of the posters were going from glitz to glam, reinforcing the idea of transformation regarding the hard work of filming to the red carpet reception.
This was the first of the posters, illustrating the glitz to glamour literally by the transformation between the velvet rope and the film reel. It is highly stylized and bold in colour to entice early response in tickets and support.
The second of the posters is really focused on the film aspect of the Festival, bringing the attention back to the filmmakers instead of primarily showcasing the number of attendees.
The final push for the Festival was based on providing a vivid and bold reminder in addition to special offers while retaining some reference to film.

The whole project was an amazing experience that allowed me to play around with concepts and create pieces of work that I am quite proud of. Please click the links below for a look at how the project evolved.