My final year at BrockTV was filled with lots of learning and experimentation. A big part of my experience for the year is delving further into actual production. I am a long time lover of cinema and television, and was absolutely ecstatic that I could work on such projects.
Visually I adhered to similar branding standards as last year, focusing on remaining a colourful brand amongst the school colours of red, blue, and grey. I throughly enjoyed many aspects of the year while experiementing and growing to become a better design, but also worked on writing and editing in shows. After all, no matter what the medium is, I think the core job of any designer is to communicate the story of the brand, the service, or the product.
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With the colours of the school being red, blue, and grey, I tried to focus on working with a smaller pallete of colours. While this limitation was not always possible, I tried to adhere to the scheme in all projects unless it was directed associated with an administrative side.
A big part of every year is trying to garner support from students, in both attention and involvement. The BrockTV crew is usaully supported by a host of volunteer camera-ops or analytics, students with a particular interest who would like to get experience in their respective field. Many volunteers decide to apply for a proper job the following year, and their time as volunteers readily provides them with an edge.
One of our cover photos for social media, I tried to capture the energy of the student life. I've always felt the lifestyle was an explosion of new experiences, providing a fundamental understanding of young adults adjusting to their world.
A massive push this year was the expansion of BrockTV's live streaming capabilities, while would provide the coverage for important issues as well as mandated sports broadcast. The work on this end provided a huge boost of viewership and support this year.
The beginning of the year saw the BTV Bash event to draw in students in an attempt to build brand recognition and provide an initial boost to our viewership. We wanted to move the event to the beginning of the year, as we found that during the previous Year End Bash, students were asking us what BrockTV was in April.
While we are mandated by the Ontario University Athletics to cover all basketball games, we tried to be more uniform across the different sports. The limitations in crew and equipment were a concern, but we were able to cover a greater variety and hopefully this will only continue to grow.
BrockTV featured a Valentine's Day event after the classic TV show: Blind Date. The group had done something like this before as a vision of the campus bar about five years ago. However this iteration of Blind Date was made and produced by BrockTV. I tried to keep the look similar to the classic show design but provided the BrockTV explosion of colour adapting it to our vision.
The Brock University Student Administrative Council provides checks and balances to the execs who create and facilitate the student experience each year, and live streaming their council meetings have become a relatively important source of student information.
Every year also features an election period where student leaders can vie for the positions of executives to work to provide the student experience for the following year. I tried to go a more bolder route than previous years, prominently featuring Maj-Gen. Sir Isaac Brock.
A three-fold pamphlet for the Hotspots show, featuring prime locations for students in St. Catharines.
A strong part of my style this year as well as the end of last year is working with halftone effects. The main draw of this technique is the ability to layer halftoned elements to create a more complex interplay among the shapes.
The halftone effect was also prominently used for our shirt design, as I really wanted to carry on the exploding television that had become our brand over the last few years.
One of massive projects this year was trying to bring to life a very meta and very reflective show to BrockTV to talk about the issues and to an extent parody the problems at Brock. Unfortunately the show didn't last very long oweing to scheduling conflicts.
A final project for the year was to create a brandbook, so that an incoming designer would not be utterly lost in terms of what to do. While unlike more classical brandbooks, the BrockTV one does not feature defined rules but rather provides the guidelines that I've used during my time at the organization. The modularity of BrockTV is its greatest strengths, providing malleability as well as structure.
2015-16 was also my final year at Brock University, a community that I have absolutely adored during my student life. I am unbelievably proud to have gotten the opportunity to give back to the community that has in an essence raised me into becoming an adult. Although I can't say that I did everything that I wanted to this year, I can say with all the certainty that everything that I did work on, I loved.

Hope you enjoyed this gallery, and feel free to check out the previous years below! Thanks!