Among the Crowd - Snuff (2021) - Album Artwork
I was hired to work on an album cover for Among the Crowd. The work took about 100 hours in total.
Among the Crowd - 2021 - Snuff

The album cover in the wild.

Mainly a vector Illustrator project, I did set up the cityscape background on Blender to provide a better more visually accurate landscape. I did want to work on a cityscape for a little while, so having the opportunity to do so here was great.
From left to right: artwork with background elements, artwork with titles and attribution, artwork with location of city lights, wireframe.
The project required several steps to set up with several elements removed from the final product for a more dramatic effect. With a lot of focus on the cityscape, as shown in the wireframe, the foreground element needed to immediately be visible and balance the flashy background.

Thank you for checking this out!