One of the most fun projects I have done recently! I got the chance to work on the album art for Among The Crowd's new album: 23 </3 (Broken Hearts). The whole theme of the album, the crumbling lonliness after a bad breakup, condensed into a single image: a seemingly stranded astronaut looking at the universe fall apart. Metaphorically, via an all consuming black hole.
The album is launching June 20th, 2014!
Front cover of the CD case, featuring the black hole sucking in the nebulae gas through an astronaut's helmet, as the HUD shows off the details of the album. Note: the pale blue speck of dust caught in a sunbeam on the back cover, as in Carl Sagan.
The inside cover, featuring the blackhole more prominenetly. The credits are also on the inside fold, the font is Comic Neue. Thanks Craig Rozynski for making Comic Sans badass.
Full print layout of the whole project.