This is a handful of print work that I did in my first three months at activsolutions, which included talking to the client, figuring out what they intended the work for, creating and adjusting to the clients' needs, and finalizing the designs.
A lot of my work is in branding and designing, which is in itself a challenge with an additional issue of small scale clients not requiring or wanting full branding treatments but business cards for promotion and networking. The lack of the need for identity creates the requirement to inform rather than be a statement without the clients' presence.
A fundamental part of my work is creating marketing and promotional material for clients. These types of projects require an understanding of the clients business and target audience, as well as the offers and services being promoted.
More intriguing and challenging projects are those with very specific requirements, such as menus, brochures, and pamphlets. These works are more about maintain readability and fitting information seamlessly, as well as maintaining established branding.
A few projects are of a simpler variety with the focus being on redesigning and representing limited information cleanly and effectively from already developed designs.
This was a glimpse into the varied and multitudes of projects that I've gone through in the first three months of my work. I will keep posting more as I go through various interesting work.

Hope you enjoyed this gallery!