This is a handful of digital work that I did  at activsolutions, which included talking to the client, figuring out what they intended the work for, creating and adjusting to the clients' needs, and finalizing the designs.
A variety of my projects were in maintaining corporate brands and designing content for social media.
The images are for use on the client's Facebook Cover Photo, with the bottom right one for use their Wall. 
Additional Facebook Cover Photos for clients.
Much of my work was focused on creating usable and useful website designs.
I had to work out how and what to communicate to users. From left to right: the landing page, two versions of the real estate pages, and a mobile version of the landing page.
There were a lot opportunities to explore and experiment with how to position information on the site. The trick was in figuring out what the user would want to look at, then implement and test how successful the design was.

As an animator I wanted to utilize motion graphics in as many places as I could to communicate more efficiently.
These designs are from email blasts, as to add some flair without increasing the size too much.
The images above are from a FAQ page illustrating core tenets of print design.
This was a glimpse into the varied and multitudes of projects that I've gone through at activsolutions. I will keep posting more as I go through various interesting work.

Hope you enjoyed this gallery!